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We represent a number of well-known international manufacturers and trades in industrial water supply and sewage / effluent sectors.

Our range of pipeline products includes in Access Covers & Grates Ductile IronPipes&Fittings, various types of Valves, Fire Hydrants, VJ Couplings and Flange Adaptors, Pipeline Drainage Systems, Sewer Maintenance Products, Construction Chemicals and Waterproofing. We maintain a stock of a wide selection of Manhole Covers, Surface Boxes, Gully Grates and Channel Gratings.

Pipeline Segment

Our Manufacturing Partners



Manufacturer-specific Product Range

Saint‐Gobain Pipelines Plc (Formerly known as Stanton Plc) manufacture comprehensive range of ductile iron Access Covers, Gully Grates, Channel Gratings, Kerb Drainage and Surface boxes.

The Pam range of highway products are manufactured in UK and France, conform to relevant European or British standards. The products are kite / NF marked to show compliance to relevant BS or EN standards.




Manufacturer-specific Product Range

Viking Johnson, a world leader in pipe joints and repair products belong to CRANE Co., which was founded in 1855.

Viking Johnson has been supplying high quality pipe products to the international water, gas and industrial markets for more than 70 years.

Viking Johnson manufacture, Flexible Couplings, Flange Adaptors, Dismantling Joints and Repair Clamps. The range also includes the following:

  • AQUAGRIP – Flange adaptors for HDPE PIPES
  • ULTRAGRIP– Couplings and adaptors for HDPE and Transition Joints.

In fact, Viking Johnson provide complete solution to pipe joints consisting of various pipes.